FIS Space Calculator

Guarulhos / SP / Brazil

Stiefel is a renowned pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in dermatological products on the market for over 150 years producing highly recommended and prescribed over the counter skin care products in over 100 countries.

The project was aimed to restructure the office space in part of the building of the new headquarters located at the site of the new plant built in 1999. The building however is a simple construction that was upgraded by installing monolithic raised floor and transferring the data room and increasing infrastructure.

The Company first had a totally segmented structure, with great amount of closed spaces and departments that did not have any interaction. The idea was changing this in a way to increase synergy and interaction between teams and create a more inspiring and productive workplace. Therefore, almost all separations between departments were eliminated and the whole team was joined together in an open plan office. Those who required a separate individual office had plenty of transparency brought into them, by using plenty of glass to increase natural lighting and maintain visual contact between groups and leaders. In the meanwhile, the meeting rooms were transferred to another floor, as part of a pool of meeting rooms. Filing areas with sliding files, and technical areas, such as data centers were also transferred to another floor and all enlarged, to meet future growth demand. By changing the space occupancy standard a gain in quality was the result. The total project area was 1500 m2.