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São Paulo, Jundiaí, Campinas, Cubatão, Limeira, etc. / SP / Brazil

São Paulo Gas Company- Comgás is the main distributor of natural gas in pipelines of the country, controlled by BG Plc (better known as British Gas), a worldwide leader in energy, and by Royal Dutch/Shell. The company was privatized in 1999 and maintains the same office buildings infrastructure, which is being restructured. The company is now located in several sites spread around the city: Augusta Street (Paulista Region), Mooca, Figueira, Vila Olimpia, and inland at Cubatão, Campinas, Jundiaí, Limeira, Lorena, etc. Comgás is our client since 2001.

While the company awaited the construction of new headquarters, capable of housing the entire company on one location, Facility Consulting implemented a series of projects with the objective of optimizing space usage and reorganizing the space plans in operational and administrative sites amounting to 100.000 m². This way it?s possible to house new departments and make all necessary relocations between several sites. When the company decided to move its headquarters to a new building, after years of studies and projects to build new headquarters, we were asked for a feasibility study for renting and setting up these facilities in a leased office. A new building was found and we established the amount of floors necessary, occupancy standard, type of workstations and the necessary budget for a total area of 5,100m² for the new HQ at Vila Olímpia.

The project for the new operational headquarters located at the Figueira, in down town São Paulo. It?s a historical site that needs to be preserved and restored. Site needed proper orientation in order to get good result, after several unsuccessful projects. Thus we were asked to define the program and develop the project in the preliminary phase, enough to define if it would meet company?s requirements. Then we had to orient the architect of the project and feed him with the necessary information to design an adequate project. All necessary surveys were carried out to generate a program definition for project design, including the stacking, zoning and space planning definitions. The total project area is 20,000m² Currently we are working on the move logistics, to be implemented early 2008.

The operational sites located inland give local support to the field teams operating in several regions, both with consumers and industries. Each site has basically 3 or 4 functions: warehouse and service car parking, regional office, customer service and supporting lab functionalities or pressure reduction and control units. The several inland sites can have single or multiple functions. The Campinas site for example has an operational site functioning separately and the industrial clients marketing department offices, in an office building, as seen in the pictures, having been set up in an area of 200 square meters.