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São Paulo / SP / Brazil

CPTM is a public transportation company operating the urban railways in the São Paulo Metropolitan Area. This Company went through a reengineering process and the new management model required an adaptation and optimization of the work space. Facility Consulting?s work consists of developing and implementing a works space strategic planning. The Company has several offices spread over the city on different sites. Often departments are physically separated in different buildings. This requires restructuring space to improve synergies. As our client since 2001, we worked approximately 30.000m2 in total project area. The average project took 3 weeks between briefing, design and implementation.

Attending to the new organizational structure, CPTM ordered the development of a space for the new Operational Executive Team (Núcleo Executivo de Operações), which is responsible for the strategic decisions in the company. The space is a large Decision Room for Superintendents and Directors, to be used as a working area as well as for meetings. The architectural and furniture projects were developed by us and installed by the client?s suppliers under our supervision. The critical issue in the project was 21 days lead time to elaborate all projects, order products and services, installation and handing over, all this taking into account all bureaucratic barriers characteristic of state owned companies. The project was handed over within the lead time.

The reunion of the juridical department was another assignment. The new area for the unified Juridical Department located in the Kyoei Building. This project located at Paulista Avenue with architectural project and furniture design us and carried out by the client?s suppliers under our supervision in a total area of 425m².

The Client decided to house the Company in new headquarters, concentrating its staff in 4 floors, totaling 6.000m² of office floors, bringing together departments of the same areas that at present are spread in offices all over the São Paulo Metropolitan Area. The work that was developed included a Master Plan for the entire Company, in the new premises, distributing the departments on the 4 floors. Therefore a standard space plan was developed for all floors, according to the Master Plan?s requirements. This was finally implemented in a new building downtown, occupying approximately 6 floors, but only uniting some sites.

The following services were also required and contracted with us: - quality control of the work of the architect hired to develop the space planning; - complete move-in/move-out logistics of the entire company to the new premises; -the restructuring of the vacant buildings; - Project Management for the implementation of the new project.