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São Paulo / SP / Brazil

CA is one of the world's largest IT management software providers, with software and expertise that unify and simplify complex IT environments in a secure way across the enterprise for greater business results in the continuously changing ?on demand? business environment. The Company invests over 20% of the global gross revenue in Research and Development, having over 200 IT patents and more than 5,300 developers worldwide. CA is certified by ISO 9001 worldwide. Founded in 1976, CA today is a global company with headquarters in the United States and 150 offices in more than 45 countries. In Brazil, CA is operating since 1982, with headquarters in São Paulo and branch offices in Brasília, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro e Salvador. Among clients we find 98% of Fortune 1000® companies, as well as government entities, educational institutions and thousands of other companies in diverse industries worldwide.

We have developed a series of projects and studies for CA, for several sites, in Brazil and some for Latin America. The São Paulo HQ offices occupy 3 floors of a triple A office building, set up completely according to CA standards. Through the years it has undergone a series of changes to adapt to operational needs and changes and optimization of occupancy. This results in several intermediary projects to adapt space to new usage. This is always done by reusing as many of the existing resources as possible, meaning transferring furniture, adapting millwork, etc. This project was carried out in one stretch or in phases, according to the location, where we do design, construction and project management. The area was also 4.500 square meters approximately. Our work at CA consists furthermore of relocations of wok stations in the offices and inventory control, made up of imported furniture. The work is carried out during night shifts or weekends by specialized teams.

The latest project was moving the Latin American Data Center to another floor, increase of workstations on the main floor and total redesign of the Customer?s Client Solution Center. This had to be implemented in phases, while the company was fully operational.